The Menu


If only all trips to the park were as funny as the last one. Today’s was relatively uneventful. And we actually made it to Trader Joe’s, which makes only for a story about shaking string cheese in its bag to make Davis laugh and prevent him from throwing it on the ground at regular intervals. I also shared with him a sample of a flatbread sandwich with cheese and turkey and roasted red and yellow peppers.

Given my nascent appearance on the blogging scene, I feel justified in refusing to use any single style or genre of expression. This may change eventually, but I hope not.

For now, I’d like to talk about mealtimes. My dinner this evening has taken place in fits and bursts since around 5 pm, when I had the sample of the flatbread sandwich at Trader Joe’s and shared it with Davis. Since then, I have had:

1.the remnants of avocado I found on my fingers (after feeding it to children while wedged between two car seats)

2. 2 Mango Mochi

3. 18 cheesy tortilla chips

4. 1/2 of a Mum Mum (snack food intended to distract children during long — or short — car rides)

5. a handful of burger fried for children who disliked it

6. part of an eggless (we didn’t have eggs) blueberry banana poppyseed muffin

7. three bites of a white peach (found discarded on two high chairs)

8. a green bean

I’m considering eating something else.


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