P.S. (race today)


My time in the super four mile race: 28.36

(pace 7.09).

I did not win.

I did, however, beat the girl who tried to pass me in the last 100 m or so.

Mostly I did this because my parents were watching and I saw my Dad with his arm in the air and I thought, “Dude, this is my opportunity to beat someone and have a witness who will happily bring it up many times in the future and might even tell strangers about it.”

Afterwards I felt bad and went to apologize for being a competitive freak and for laying into a dead sprint that almost mowed down a man who had passed both of us a few moments before. Maybe I should really have been apologizing to him, since we then passed him on both sides and if it had been a cartoon he would have spun really fast like the Tasmanian Devil.

This is an example of Taz spinning unintentionally, possibly as a result of two people running very quickly past him on either side.

Anyway, I felt less bad because she was really nice and said I beat her fair and square. And she was cute and wearing a little baseball cap and I decided we could be friends.

Then, I noticed she had a husband who was pushing a stroller, which means she has a small child, which means she was at some point pregnant, which means that a woman who has been pregnant in the last five years almost beat me, which means that I need to run faster.


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