Showering – the Concept (segment 4)


When Day 4 rolled around and I still hadn’t washed my hair, I began to feel that people were going to start calling me Pig-Pen and that a little scribble of dirtiness would begin to follow me around. Or maybe that it would be more of a wafting aroma and my nickname would become Pepe le Pew.

Action needed to be taken. Of course, I didn’t have any biodegradable soap because I had only managed to find this awesome spray-in-your-hair-dry shampoo. But I was feeling too nervous to try it. So I decided instead to jump in the river and submerge completely – an excellent idea despite the cold, because it’s really a casual affair that culminates in floating alongside the boat. That is, unless you do it right before the river guides are actually planning to take a break for, say, lunch or something.

Now, crippled by my own intense desire not to be pulled back into the raft while the whole awesome group was watching, I decided to opt for swimming in dramatically to the lunch site. Let’s clarify; I am a terrible swimmer. Swim dramatically = flap and flail in a semblance of a freestyle stroke.

So, that was fun.

A few minutes later, as my hair was drying, I began to sense that the soapless river had not magically cleaned it. So I used camp soap, as in the pre-eating and post-pooping hand soap used with river water, and washed my hair with it. Not really what I’d call a “shower,” but definitely an improvement for my hair.

Later someone commented that it looked really soft and shiny.

This is Pig-Pen. His hair is not soft and shiny.


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