Let there be peaches


Let there be peaches


(and trees)

in your life.


Let there be time

so much time


(and sleep)

in your life.


Let there be gardening

and flip flops that break

and basset hounds

and people who say

“You take the pie!”

(instead of the cake).

Let there be off-beat restaurants

and umbrellas

and free range chickens


in your life.


And let there be



Let there be despair.

Let there be thunderstorms

and bad dreams

and big, embarrassing, juicy details

to describe the mistakes you make.


Let there be mistakes.



7 responses »

    • Hi Barbara — absolutely. Please attribute it to my blog and me (Rylee Sommers-Flanagan), but feel free to use this poem or others. Thanks for reading. I’m so glad you like and want to share it.

          • I’ve been remiss in reporting it, but my students absolutely loved your poem; when I got to the end, there were audible “ahhhhs…” in the room. And the line they all remembered best was “big, embarrassing, juicy details”–the broken flip flops ran a close second, I think because it’s one of those completely unexpected but familiar details that you can feel in your body. I had my students write their own “let there be…” poems, which were pretty amazing too. Thanks so much for helping me reassure them at the start of things that mistakes are not only to be endured, but welcomed. This particular class is turning out to be–well–a peach, full of juicy, outstanding writing.

          • Oh my goodness. Thank you so much, Barbara. I’m thrilled that is was useful to you and your students in this way and I wish them the best in writing and living and moving along with grace and peace! Thank you.

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