Party Games


Disclaimer: I really like un-inhibition. If you like inhibition, this may not be an ideal game for you. But if you think you might like to be uninhibited, even though you are shy, find a really outrageous friend with whom to play this game.

Scene: a bar/party/social gathering where people are mingling, maybe even dancing, and are generally not seated formally.

Rules (best played in pairs):

1. Person G chooses a word for Person 7 (think of G and 7 as X and Y if you’re confused).

2. It should be a fairly random word, not something that you would generally use in conversation with an unfamiliar person (i.e. a stranger).

3. Person G then chooses someone in the room, someone unknown to Person 7.

4. Person 7 approaches that someone.

5. Person 7 tries to engage that someone in conversation, making sure to use the word selected by Person G in the first two sentences of their casually made introduction.

6. Person G makes an entrance into the conversation that either allows both to exit or lets them explain the game to the selected someone (because if he/she is cool, she/he may be a new friend).

7. Game begins again with roles reversed.

Examples of words that have been tried in real life: pavement, dandelion, and alphabet.

Examples of words or phrases that have not been tried in real life, but would be really good: Mickey Mouse, carrot, the wonders of the world, ukulele, and flatulence.


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