*Flash Fiction: The River


Dear dedicated readers,

I have decided to participate as a new Fictioneer in Madison Woods‘s FridayFlash. To my understanding, flash fiction is an exercise for creative writers that allows them to play with words and ideas in a very limited space (sometimes up to 500 words, but generally less). Being concise improves word choice and sometimes diction. Trying to write a story in only a few words or paragraphs pushes our creative buttons, shifting us into a higher imaginative gear.

*The FridayFlash is a bunch of bloggers writing 100-word pieces in response to a picture posted by Madison Woods on her Thursday blog. (Sometimes the flash is longer, because 100 words are very few, but in this, my first attempt, I was strict with myself).

This week’s photo:

This image brought to you by Webly Inspiration via the rambles of Madison Woods.

The River

For my 21st birthday, my mother collected 17 stones.

“Don’t open the box.”

I asked if she was really giving me a gift I couldn’t open. She just fiddled rearranging the colored glass shards on the counter, mumbling pungent, pungent.

That night, she disappeared. The box smelled grief-stricken.

Later, non-smells would waft from it – flatness, joy, Fur Elise – nothing I could understand, everything I could name. I hated the box. I hated the birthday stones.

When I finally opened it, I plunged into lemons and sunshine, blazing trumpets and death like steel.

I gave it away before I disappeared, too.


17 responses »

    • Oh I’m so glad you liked it! (I hovered over it for quite some time).

      And thanks for including your link! I’m getting over there right now 🙂

  1. This little piece gave me chills. I loved the concept, almost like Pandora’s box, but so much more creative. Thanks for joining us! I hope to see you every Friday for the gathering of Fictioneers 🙂

    Great job at sticking to 100 words, btw. It really does force our creative juices to flow, doesn’t it?

    • Thank you so much! I’m really looking forward to seeing the way this develops — and thank you for being such a good Fictioneer founder

  2. I like the story! Really like this line even though I am entirely sure what it means: When I finally opened it, I plunged into lemons and sunshine, blazing trumpets and death like steel.

  3. Like Madison, I was thinking Pandora’s Box all the way – and that made it pretty chilling.

    Are you sure you haven’t done this 100-word thing before? Because you’re pretty good at it! 🙂 Well done.

    • Haha, I promise I haven’t — I didn’t actually know what flash fiction was until last week. But you know how it is, writers write, right? Thank you for reading — and cool sci fi story on your end!

  4. @Sonia Lai and Tiyana: I guess I could try to explain, but maybe that would defeat the purpose? Anyway, thanks for reading and enjoying despite a few convoluted lines 🙂

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