Poetry experiment: To Precipitate



Precipitate, v.: To throw (a person) suddenly or violently into a particular state or condition, esp. an undesirable one. As in; this love precipitated over tea and eggs sunny-side-up, not the way I like them. To cast down; to throw over a precipice. As in: I will precipitate you into that river if you try to get away. To fall headlong, to plunge; to descend steeply or vertically. As in: Precipitating is easier than ascending, especially when all temptation lies in dropping down. To cause to happen quickly, unexpectedly. As in: He arrived in a green car, and late, which precipitated the fight with my mother. To move, act, or proceed with excessive haste. As in: Because she precipitates, she slapped me then. To fall or be deposited as condensed water vapor. As in: Rain and blood together precipitated onto the sidewalk. To cause a substance to be deposited in solid form from a liquid, by chemical action. As in: Rain poured over me and I imagined it precipitating to steel as it pooled.



In the subject line, I wrote

rain that should have at least ten different names for all the ways that it falls


and I suppose it was an email about rain

but maybe not exactly about droplets of water

falling from a literal sky.


I think it had more to do

with precipitation, with the act of falling – in love,

or from clouds, or onto the ground – and with the dramatics

of precipitation, the speedy chemical reactions, loud

thunder claps and sudden pounding.

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