(Rules for) Living Life on the Lime (8)


a) Don’t rule out the possibility of eating things at times when you wouldn’t normally.

  1. For example, baked beans for breakfast are good. (Brits, you will not understand why this isn’t normal, but that’s ok).
  2. Also, yogurt and syrup on your pancakes/waffles/French toast will rock your face off.

b) Be competitive with all people to the point of offensiveness.

  1. Like if someone beats you in a race, tell her/him afterwards that she/he will never beat you again because you’re actually a super-powered robot programmed to lose only once to any challenge.
  2. Definitely follow declarations of competitiveness with a roar.

c) Write at least one story about going somewhere naked.

d) Try not to kill bugs.

  1. (Unless they are mosquitoes or poisonous spiders.)

e) Avoid spending so much time alone that you find yourself unable to construct sentences out loud.


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