1. There will be people I know in New York City on New Year’s Eve.

2. Some people do not like to work out.

3. My flat mate has noticed that I glide when I run, which she likes.

4. Not everything smells salty near the sea.

5. Hanging up clothes on a drying rack in your room, when you have to carry them wet across a courtyard, is something that induces avoidance.

6. Blogs insert and delete spaces between paragraphs and it is annoying.

7. Citations are important.


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  1. I’m still figuring out this whole blog-formatting thing. I want to use a certain font and it just won’t let me. And it DOES delete spaces. I am irked but intrigued.

    • Oh girl, you’re so creepy.

      I think we might be serious blog buddies, though, so I’m getting over it fast.

      Also, if you figure out the spacing thing, let me know (really sucks for poetry).

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