Oh Baby Baby, Excitement and Tragedy


I have written a poem that could be called a slam. As in, I wrote it. It’s finished, complete, bop boom bang!

I need to apologize now, though, for getting your hopes up, because a slam poem cannot be shared in print or blog before it has been properly performed. And unfortunately, there’s a small chance that I will die of terror before I am able to conjure up the mental energy and constitution to dramatically perform a piece of spoken word. Basically, this post is a tragedy of the future.

As an aside, I am currently sitting in an extremely uncomfortable position and considering how this will affect the long-term health of my body. I am the kind of person who takes very seriously the long-term health of my body, which makes this a profound and significant aside. Also, the fact that I can’t seem to find a comfortable position may actually be a contemporaneous tragedy with the moment of Now.

In other words, this post is tragic.


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  1. Tell me something.

    Ever since i’ve subscribed to your Blog, In a space of three days you have written some thing like 5 or 6 posts. I’m not counting, but I have a fair idea.

    Do you Blog as people Tweet? Or does this come to you just naturally?


    • Hmmm… I don’t know. I tweet, too?

      I think that Thursdays/Fridays/Sundays are hot blogging days for me (although as soon as I specified that, I began to think it’s not always true), and I like to participate in the prompts that various groups put out there. But basically, my job right now is to write and get better at it, so I’m blogging a lot.

      Also, when really exciting things happen, like when I “finish” my first slam poem, I like sharing it, especially in funny ways. I’m sure it’s not actually finished, of course, but it’s at the stage where maybe I can start memorizing and it’s semi-presentable.

        • There’s a link to Write on Edge at the bottom of the “Frightening Mass Text Message from a Family Member,” where you can check out the prompt from today. Also, they do a 300 word prompt either on Friday or Tuesday (can’t remember which).

          Then look at “Flash Fiction: Grand Escape” to find the link to Madison Woods’ blog. She provides a photo prompt for 100-word flash fiction blogging on Fridays.

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