(Rules for) Living Life on the Lime (17)


A) Exercise.

  1. Speed walking is hilarious, so definitely try that if nothing else.
  2. You could also go to the gym and row freakishly hard.
  3. Sweat is sexy.

B) Complain about the plumbing. If you don’t, someone will ruin the toilet while you’re in class and then you will have to go to another building when you have to pee and it will be unpleasant.

C) Carry an orange with you to the pubs.

D) Check under your bed and in your wardrobe for frightening persons before turning out the light and crawling into bed.

  1. Even if you store things under your bed, you should look there.

E) Draw a picture of your best friend and hand it on your wall.

  1. Don’t mention it. Just wait to see she/he notices.

F) Be a feminist.

  1. Maupassant is a feminist.
  2. This graffiti woman at the Universidad de Buenos Aires is a feminist.
  3. Get with it.

This image is brought to you by Graffiti; What You Need, Where You Need It.


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