London Trip 1


Things I have accomplished in London thus far:

Photo at Platform 9 3/4. I looked exceptionally sleep-deprived, unfortunately, because I was. I tried to make an appropriately excited face, though.

Shortly thereafter, I realized I had forgotten my passport, which I need because I’m flying to Italy from London on Tuesday. Yeah, I’m a serious braniac.

Discovery of my first favorite Scottish beer: Innis and Gunn. (A little weird that this happened in London rather than Scotland, but I’m comfortable with it). Also, it is apparently available at Brickstore in Atlanta, FYI.

Photo in front of Buckingham Palace with Bobbies. Such a sexy group.

At about this point, I managed to sort out the passport. The incredible Hauna found the residential manager who confirmed my identity over the phone, entered my room to collect my passport and hand it over to the truly incredible Hauna, who gave it to the lovely Sherry, who was coming to London on Saturday, where I could meet up with her and ultimately be able to go to Italy. So that was awesome.

Bobby Jones reception hosted by Josh Newton and attended by many Bobbies of many years. Fantastic. I tried to drink as much as Josh Newton and was unsuccessful.

After the reception, I found Aaron and in a state of delirium induced by complete sleep-deprivation and a little more to drink than might have been advisable, I recounted all the events of my recent life to him before we went to bed and slept for eleven hours.

In the morning we went to a yummy brunch that included duck eggs and asparagus. Kelsey would understand how happy this made me. For the rest of you, I will try to explain by saying that this made me really happy.

We made a trip to King’s Cross then and successfully received my passport from the lovely Sherry.

I used Aaron’s apartment’s gym that night. God I love gyms.

Then we drank with his friends on the roof. And I fell in love with all of Aaron’s friends because they’re funny and smart and funny/smart people are exciting to be around. We all got a little silly and went to Koko in Camden and danced around.

Today included Brick Lane and various restaurants and food items and early bed.

Tomorrow I’m getting a camera and going to see Les Miserables.

Me = happy camper.

Go London

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