I am back.

No doubt this is unsurprising to “my readers” who have been following the travel posts and know that the week has been long and adventurous. It may be surprising that I have arrived all the way back in Scotland unscathed, though, especially given the relative fiascos that occurred during each of my travel intervals.

I am alive, though, not sick and only a little worse for the wear. Soon, I will have exercised, showered, and cleaned my room — the essentials of a return to real life.

And then I will probably write more blog posts because I feel I have not been strict enough in my creative jaunts. I did, however, read all of “The Journalist and the Murderer” by Janet Malcolm, half of Chekhov’s “The Lady and the Little Dog” (collection of short stories), and another 2% of “Middlemarch” (because that is how my iPad informs me of my progress).

Maybe this will inspire me to greater blogging heights. Although I think George Eliot is more fun to read than I am to write. So that might be a hinderance.


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