Update (Raisin)


Kelsey arrived safely (oh my god, thank you).

Also, we survived Raisin Weekend, and took on the roles of mature older sisters who attempted to avoid excessive drunkenness and to help reign in anarchic behavior of our younger siblings.


1. Bringing my Academic Mum an ice cream that melted all over my arm. (Kelsey took pictures). And two hula hoops. Because what else do you give your Academic Mum?

2. Taking shots with Jelly Babies in them. (Truly disgusting in their large size and absorption of cheap and terrible alcohol). We discovered simultaneously that swallowing was a better strategy than chewing.

3. Consuming a large amount of alcohol and food, including a small hamburger:

Kelsey: Huh. This tastes different. What’s in it?

Me: Yeah. It’s British.

4. Seeing a college graduate run face first into a shed after a relay race.

5. Seeing Kelsey bob for a marshmallow into a large bowl of flour.

6. Getting a red, blue, and gold mohawk from my Academic Dad’s roommate. (Fortunately, it washed out).

7. Documenting it all in photographs. (Epic).

Brought to you by Sticky Fingers and the Ringing Cell Phone

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