If I Could Only Be A Giant Green Elephant


I would probably like to be a giant green elephant. I think it would be awesome because it would be very unusual and I would get a lot of attention and probably be well fed — depending on where I was born but probably  — and it would be a good and relatively simple thing.

But since it’s not possible (I have totally come to terms with it), I have come up with a detailed and precise ten-year plan. I won’t, of course, actually bore you with the details, but I did want to mention that I have made a plan and that it is extensive.

So that’s pretty much it.

Oh, and I started implementing it today by going running before the sun went down at 4:30 in the afternoon (ridiculous). (This is a red herring; it has nothing to do with the central themes of my life plan).

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    • yes, over coffee because we both like coffee and you like brownies and we can go to the place where both are available for a reasonable price.

      I know you’re a genius, but don’t tell anyone else what the Giant Green Elephant really means about my subconscious and REAL personality.

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