Describe a Photo Prompt


In college, I dated a guy who threw great parties. He had friends who smiled at everyone and introduced themselves without hesitation. Conversations with them were hectic, always high speed and wildly creative. I remember talking about what kind of animal I would be, the kind of animals they were. It was like being on drugs, although I never was. They might have been. I remember being intimidated.

He also took great photos, so when he actually got out the camera, the parties were beautiful and well-documented. But he was focused on other things most of the time – like, fighting with me, or ignoring me, or being just affectionate enough for me to be ok with the fact that I was dating him.

After we broke up, we wanted to try to be friends. It has worked for me before, and since, but I probably should have known that it wouldn’t work then. One night – a back-to-the-future party, maybe? – I stole magnificent oversized glasses from one of his roommates. I was recently returned from a semester abroad and there was this other guy, a transfer student, who didn’t know about my history with one of our hosts. He flirted. It wasn’t terribly explicit, but my ex was pissed, felt it like citrus in a cut.

There is a picture of me then, captured to the side of another girl. You wouldn’t know, but the transfer student is standing behind me. You can see his foot on the coffee table in front of me, standing like a pioneer with one knee bent. I am skinny. I love the picture because it wasn’t of me. I was the goofy background with the magnificent glasses on my face.

We talked about it later. I said I was sorry. But it was already over.

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  1. I’ve never understood the “let’s be friends” thing…kudos to you for making it work. I was always far too emotionally invested to be able to back off to such a different level of relating.

  2. The citrus line was perfection. I, too, have tried to be friends after the fact. And it just hurts too much.

    I love that I could see the picture without actually seeing it.

  3. Interesting story! I would have liked to seen the picture…maybe at the end of the post so people could focus on the words first and then get the visual or a link to the photo? Also I too loved the citrus line! Great way to describe what your ex was feeling.

    • So, it’s actually my twitter handle picture for those of you anxious to see it. I know it’s more work, but there’s my compromise–haha, it’s in the public domain!

      Thank you for reading and for the comment; so appreciated.

    • I’m very glad it did that for you. I think if I were going to do the exercise again, I would include more physical description of the photo and less background, “telling a story” feel. Thank you for reading!

  4. Ok, ,maybe it’s just the artist in me, but I have read two posts now with no photo attached, and saw the photos perfectly by reading the posts. Great photo. And isn’t that the point of the prompt? The writing? I am new to RemembeRed, and having a jolly good time reading through the posts…

    Your description of the photo and relationships that end or not, depending on the person, was a great read. 😀

    • I’m relatively new to RemembeRed as well, but my impression is that everyone does it a little differently, which is cool.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I’ll go check out yours, now, too!

  5. I love the way you told your story here- what you were focused on, the highs, the lows, the glasses.

    And for the record- I’m so going to see the picture in your twitter avi! 🙂

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