Tribute to People


Sometimes people suck. (Sometimes, I especially suck because I am not always friendly or thoughtful, I get grumpy and rant about things for extended periods of time, I am easily frustrated and at times, extremely pessimistic).

But people have the capacity to be incredible.

I think we judge in relation to ourselves, but also that we take pleasure in stories of goodness in the world, even when it doesn’t relate to us.

Right now, I am thinking of people in my life who do incredible things — who are kind and gentle and generous in the world, who take time to visit their friends, time to give advice, and find patience when friends or even acquaintances are being ridiculous.

I have been the recent recipient of a fantastically humble and generous visitor, popcorn and a bed on a floor, advice about traveling in Greece and Berlin, and deep patience from a dear friend, who heard out all my various excessive frustrations. This does not even include the beautiful Thanksgiving dinners I attended last week or my wonderful and always helpful family.

Maybe it’s a little late for a Thanksgiving speech (especially given my Thanksgiving qualms), but I’m feeling so grateful and fortunate.

People, where did you come from and how are you so exceptional? Thank you for sharing it with me.


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