Failures (but not really) and Propositions


First of all, my father has started updating his newly created blog with some frequency and he is immediately blog famous. By this I mean: my father is getting more hits than I am. It’s ok, though. He’s just really incredible and so I have to deal with the fact that he is a professional with insightful and relevant things to say about the world and people in it. I’m holding out on the jealousy (for the time being). Mostly, I have this to say: Way to go, Dad!

Second, I have decided to proposition a newspaper for which I used to write and a newspaper for which I have not written, and convince them to let me write a blog post or column on the politics of travel, the Republican primary, and everything in the world that I think is funny. If they say yes, I will tell you beloved followers of mine and might even link those blog/article/column things to this blog right here, for your convenience.

(I am feeling more affectionate recently, forgive me hyperbole: I adore you all).

I just really like this picture. It has nothing to do with the post.

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