I Hug Trees


It’s just a confession I felt I should make.

I also climb them, and have been known to yell at them when they have bugs.

An example of a tree for the outdoors-impaired

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    • Everyone who was there remembers that. Which makes you, me, and the guy that I asked to help who you then hid from. AMAZING.

      Anyway, I miss you. There’s another tree in the courtyard here that I don’t think you would climb with me. But I would be ok with it if you would just hang out and talk to me from the ground.

  1. Love that tree picture caption. There was an old tree at a cousin’s house we all wanted to climb, but were forbidden to attempt – black widow spiders has supposedly been seen there…..or was it we were really little and they just didn’t want us there? (I’ll have to remember to ask about that!)

  2. Do you lick them too? When I was 9 years old I ignorantly licked tree sap. I swear it took me weeks to get the taste out of my mouth.

    Beautiful picture.

    • I remember a kid who used to eat maple leaves when we would go for walks with our fourth grade class. I would have thought he’d have the same reaction you’re describing, but he actually kept doing it, so maybe not. I think I have accidentally gotten tree in my mouth before, but not so much on purpose…maybe I had an innate sense about it being a bad idea or maybe it just never occurred to me – ?

      Thanks, it was taken in Buenos Aires.

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