I have a lot of goals

I want to be a pop star

and a famous golfer


I want to eat pie with the queen of England —

she makes $50 million a year

according to NPR

did you know?


In the countryside of France

I want to live

on bread and wine



and cheese


this is not healthy


I want to stay up all night

and never get sick

drink coffee with all of my friends

and never lose time

travel the world

and never be poor


If I could speak Mandarin

I would

and Russian


I want to learn calculus and chemistry


and then I want to spraypaint

all of the underpasses

with Dr. King’s face

and scenes of brilliant color


And whatever you think

I won’t be discouraged


because I have goals


and I will run into every sea

and over all the mountains

and write a book about it

before I give them up.


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