Sad Face


I’m having a really disappointing conversation on a friend’s facebook wall about activities on Emory’s campus and the use of language by certain student groups. I should probably disengage but it’s so depressing to feel like we aren’t capable of conversing with one another — especially given that in the context of the conversation, everyone is obviously and boldly liberal. Still, it just feels like a lot of angry words.

I mention this so that I will remember I want to write a longer well-formulated piece on this after all the saga of work and travel I have until Thursday of next week.

La la la. Note to self.


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  1. I was annoyed by a lot of stuff going on on FB about emory. I mean, I guess I don’t really have a right to be annoyed, but… I guess I’m just surprised, sometimes, by how easy it is to feel like a martyr and call yourself “the 99%”, when really, if you look out over this country and this world, those of us tweeting on wall street, or posting videos of “injustice” at emory, we’re the 1%. And there’s real injustice out there to cry out about. Pbbt.

    • I think you’re right on. Unfortunately, we can’t stop people making a scene. I tried to have a conversation about it on facebook, but it was just terribly frustrating and disappointing. People are willing to be incredibly condescending and deaf no matter what their political orientation.

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