23 Hours & 7,000 Hits


Unfortunately that title is not an example of alliteration, despite the fact that I used to words that begin with ‘h.’ Unless you really get in there on hhhours.

Anyway, I have started my 23-hour trip (am now five hours into my first train ride) and feeling like a happy camper with the two apples, cheese stick and apple juice that I packed along and have mostly consumed. I’m not obsessed with apples, it just happened that way. Also, I have a banana. I just forgot in the last sentence and I only have fifteen minutes of free internet, so deleting is no efficient.

It’s probably obvious, but the 7,000 hits refers to the number of people who have visited this blog since it began whenever it did this summer. Cool. I’m not sure if I feel super happy (probably this) or a little creeped out (not really).

I’m really excited to see these two:

The Best Babies Ever (creative caption, I know)

And that’s really the whole story. GO VACATION!


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  1. Super happy. And probably, if you break it down, 4,500 hits are from Rita and John SF, and 2,450 hits are from Emily PT. So that makes 50 hits from random strangers. That’s not sketchy at all. 🙂

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