The New York City Apartment Fantasy (not what you think)


So I would love to have an apartment in New York City because I would love to live there, obviously. You know, and like, work or whatever.

But it’s not really a fantasy. Fantasies need to be off the deep end with me because my regular life is a little weird. And just having an apartment in a particular place is not enough.

What I want is an entire apartment building in East Village or Hell’s Kitchen or Chelsea. Inside that apartment building, I want all of my best friends and my family to live.  And one or two really famous people that could be my neighbor mentors. (I’m thinking like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Alice Walker, and if I could bring people back from the dead, I would want Roald Dahl directly next door). I want everyone to have their own apartment, or an apartment with a significant other or family. My sister and her husband would need a big apartment without stairs so the twins could run around. They would also need an indoor yard with grass and pinecones.

I probably wish this because my friends and my family are all over the place and unless I become excessively wealthy, it will never be possible to see them often enough. They’re everywhere from Dallas and Chicago to Madison and Atlanta, D.C. and Selma, not to mention Montana and London and California and Washington.

So I just want a walk up and pot luck dinners.

It would only be a better fantasy if it could come true.

The building up ahead would work -- see? I'm really excited about it.

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