To WordPress and Capote, on Writing


Writing only takes a little while, says WordPress,

quoting people like Truman Capote

who I don’t like much anyway,

because he was probably a chauvinist

and a classist. He says it’s not writing, it’s typing

and so I wonder if actually he did not write

In Cold Blood, but expected someone else

to furnish words and propel him.

Who would have guessed Harper Lee

was his secretary?


Writing only takes a little while, I am saying

to myself, when I agree to write just one more





and sometimes I am right. But forget an



Truman, if you’re reporting that’s fine. If you’re

filling in the details, coloring the photo,

or describing the landscape, then good.

But tell me everything important about yourself.

One page, please, and be sure to consider

argumentation. Then we’ll see.

4 responses »

  1. I liked it too, Lime. I read “In Cold Blood” when I was in high school. Capote was a strange little man. Sometimes writing does only take a little while, other times I spend an hour in front of the screen trying to decide how to arrange seven words into a single sentence.

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