A Blogging Decision


I have made a decision on an empty stomach.

I have decided to write one post each week that I actually edit at least once, preferably twice, before posting.

Yes, it’s shocking, I know, but I have a goal in mind. My goal is to have a single post that I can promote on Facebook or Twitter or whatever on Sundays or another exciting day of the week, which will be my “favorite post of the week.” The current problem is that I don’t really have favorites right now because I get confused about what I’ve written being in different genres and therefore incomparable. But, if I force myself to edit at least one post consistently, two things might happen: my writing could improve, and one of my posts could stand out as being better than the others on a weekly basis such that I could promote it without feeling entirely shamefaced and without worrying that I was embarrassing all of my friends and family as usual to a painful and extreme degree.

Really, this is a big step for me.

There’s a chance I should have come to this conclusion earlier, but…um, well, I keep trying to type an excuse, but nothing is coming to mind. Decision-making on an empty stomach might be a positive for me.


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  1. At least for me, editing tends to be simultaneously the most helpful and the most frustrating part of the process. It’s kind of infuriating, actually.

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