(Rules for) Living Life on the Lime (61)


A) Eat your green peppers.

B) When making a trip to the beach, create a checklist of important items, like maybe the fact that you want to compose a haiku while running, and also that you do not want to fall down while running

1. Relate this list of items to all of your beach-attending teammates

C) Teriyaki sauce from Publix is spicy

1. (Publix is pronounced pub-licks, not pube-licks)

D) Trader Joe’s is the best grocery store in the world

E) Support your cousins’ social media campaigns. It’s the right thing to do.

These Rules are brought to you by Striped Pajamas, promoting Serious Sleepwear


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  1. Oooh, I have major Trader Joe’s love, but Publix is my ultimate fave. I’m having a pub sub (note: Publix sub sandwich) for dinner tonight because they are some of the most delicious foods on earth. That’s right.
    Where are you now in the states where you’re near a Publix??
    Also, if you have to write down that you don’t want to fall down, you may not be running right. I’ve heard it’s not recommended.
    Also, I’m starting to hanker for Scotland.
    Also, I miss your face.

    • I basically hate Publix based on some terrible worker rights’ violations and tendencies to price cut and failure to provide organic or natural foods, especially in produce. But the teriyaki sauce wasn’t so bad… and I’m sure the pub sub was quite exciting.

      I’m in FL, remember? But not especially close to your home 😦 Publix was also the closest grocery to Emory, so that’s how I’m familiar with it long term.


      • Ah! I totally forgot you were in Florida. Hope you’re enjoying the wonderful sunshine-iness of it all.

        Didn’t know about the workers’ rights violations. That’s a shame. Oh Publix.

        • I know, right? (Also, I totally assumed you didn’t know… given that you’re not really evil or abusive and it’s hard to know these things about big corporations).

          Anyway, I’m liking your state. Maybe I’ll just have to visit you another time 🙂 xo

  2. “E” proves you are basically a nice person. Cute list. We’re getting a Trader Joe’s soon -I think it’s moving into a vintage movie theater space (which was a Bookstop for a long time) Anyone who saves an old favorite building gets a visit from me

    • Well, yes; I only said it to be thought of as a nice person. Although this confession might take away from the goodness.

      Have fun at the new Trader Joe’s!! It’s so exciting!!

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