L-L-L-London. Oh, hello.


Overwhelming exhaustion ensues the overnight flight. Cell phone charging. 5 days until major assessment; passing means winning an interview. I am experiencing heaviness in the arms — the feeling of leftover Nyquil-drugging, which was supposed to prevent exhaustion ensuing by encouraging sleep, but was not apparently effective. Starbucks man asked if I was American or Canadian. I ate a chocolate croissant, decided to fridge the latte. Laurie would like the usage of verb, “to fridge,” in the previous sentence because it is a demonstration of time and technology dependent lingual development. Time zones are the weirdest.


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  1. Fridge as a verb is good. “Bridged” is another verb, as in when I get bridged when I’m going to work. (Bridge is up for a ship to get through) And they rhyme.

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