Hug Like a Teddy (Bear)


We are lacking in hugs (a shortage)
and so I am going into distribution
and beginning to see why we wish to be bears.
We know we are short.

(Instructions): Hugging is simple
and gentle. It is a reminder that we are
soft, too. (Your friend, George, for example).
We all need to be reminded.

For friendly hugs, hold close (this is step one)
stay a second longer than you thought you would
(that is step two) and squeeze just so
before you let go.

More-than-friendly hugs can last longer, but
(beware) unwanted more-than-friendly hugs
count in the negative. (Trespassers will be prosecuted).
Consider that a serious consequence.

(The lesson here): Be a teddy bear –
that is, if you want to help.
(Imagine) your name is Snorey; you are fluff-stuffed
and much larger than your hug recipients.

I am distributing hugs, (warning: you may not be a bear)
because there is a shortage.
(Do not be afraid)
I am becoming a teddy bear.



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