Not really the smallest place in the world…


Kea is not really as small as I imagined it might be. Apparently around 3000 people live on the island year round, which is pretty small, but there are two grocery stores and two bakeries and the space feels open and bizarrely mountainous. I’ve been feasting on local oranges, feeling generally self-conscious about my complete inability to communicate with anyone who doesn’t speak English, and exploring what seem like innumerable curving roads up steep inclines to peer out over dark blue ocean. Seriously, whoa.

I have recently acquired an adaptor; pretty exciting news given that I was slowly running down the battery on every electronic device and starting to feel panicky and disconnected. What is this world that no computer could mean no writing, and where the capacity to communicate is so profoundly intertwined with any number of devices?

In any case, I have yet to go a day disconnected, but I will excuse myself from guilt by reporting that I was only talking to my parents, and for their sake, right? Because they would be so worried if I were to disappear from ongoing communication — right? Right, I will repeat loudly to myself. Right.

Anyway. Ahhh, Greece.

Pictures tomorrow. Put on your excited face.


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  1. i miss you! the red tractor looks pretty cool on the website – wish i could beam over there with margaret and davis for a little while! love you. can you skype?

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