Stealing Good Ideas


Attribution: A fellow blogger, columbibueno has set out on a 365-day journey to select a photo every day and write a poem below it, with words pulled from a published work. Then she reflects briefly on what the exercise has elicited in her. I tried it, but only today, so I suppose it’s not as impressive. The words in my poem come from the book “Still Life with Oysters and Lemon,” by Mark Doty, which I have quoted previously on this blog, but have yet to finish reading. Maybe tomorrow.

which is so fantastic
from the tailpipes of idling taxis.
Chilly love —
enough to reveal us,
barely solid bodies,
the fragrant and flavorful
pebbly yellow.

To think through things
that claimed to make all the other items
merely ancillary,
we are stopping for vistas —
like owning a mountain
or a great public building.

Now I am thinking of facades; what is tangible and real, what lies beneath those things.


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