Time: Pause. Play. Rewind. (101)


This image was provided as a prompt to the Friday Fictioneers last week by Susie Lindau, guest host.

In the short leaping space that bridges one moment to the next, I realized I should have left my feet on the ground. Danger was in forward motion, not staying put. Apocalyptic possibilities only became imminent as I proceeded.

Physicists theorize that our notion of ‘time passing’ is inaccurate. Existing once is existing forever.

And maybe I could have stayed back there, in the moment before, when this moment was only the future – not a slope of time cascading. Now, I am slipping down.

I passed the point of no return. I saw it in nothing-space below, before I landed here.

For more flashes prompted by this week’s photo, and to learn more about flash fiction, visit Madison Woods and explore.


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  1. An interesting story.
    It certainly had me thinking.
    I love the line, “Existing once is existing forever.” That’s the sort of thought you need to keep playing over and over in your head.

    • Yeah, it’s definitely mind boggling to me, too. I actually got the idea from a radiolab show that I listened to this week on time. Pretty interesting stuff. Let me know if you want the link to the podcast; I’m sure I could track it down.

  2. I was hooked from the first line. The image of bridging one moment to the next was very thought provoking. There are some moments I’d like to stay in, and some I’d like to run away from. Too bad we don’t get those options. Nice story. I really enjoyed it.

  3. Lovely take on time. I love the puzzle that time presents – and existing once is existing forever. Going back almost seems a possibility in your story. But the regret is deeply expressed.
    it’s good.

    • Thank you! I’m actually on a tiny island hiding away and trying to read and write… pretty exciting stuff, actually. Unfortunately it’s pretty cold today and is supposed to stay cold for a couple more 😦

  4. Without having had anything at all happen, you have managed to capture all the dread and helplessness of watching a train wreck in progress. Very nice.

    If it’s your job that brought you to Greece…do you need an assistant?? LOL.

    • Wow, thanks, Madison — I’m glad it felt so strong to you.

      And unfortunately, I’m about as jobless as… what is it now? 8.5% of Americans? Then again, I don’t really count in that number because I’m a student. So, uh, maybe I could be your assistant instead?

    • Mm — I’m glad you linked up here and I’m glad you liked the title. Usually I go with one word titles for the flashes, but I found this more fitting. Thanks for reading!

  5. Each sentence in this post is a masterpiece. Commendable utilization of the 100 words… I specially liked this part:
    “And maybe I could have stayed back there, in the moment before, when this moment was only the future – not a slope of time cascading. Now, I am slipping down.”
    You nailed it in this one. Awesome!

    I had made two entries for this prompt:

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