Countries, as identified by baked goods


When I was in Argentina, one of my favorite things to do was eat absurd amounts of facturas, which consist of a wide variety of pastry-esque donut things (they cannot really be called donuts or pastries because they are facturas and distinctively particular), oftentimes filled with dulce de leche, which is like a massively better version of caramel.

My discovery in Europe thus far: Argentina still has the best bakery-produced items I have ever eaten. I was ok weighing an extra five pounds because I ate something like five facturas every day. It was joyful.

Greece, I hope you don’t take this personally, but the chocolate in your croissants is a little too thick and not spread out enough. I will acknowledge that these croissants are vastly improved when eaten while still warm, but there is a very small window of opportunity — the key here is definitely durability. Also, the cream-filled whatever that I have eaten three times is good, but too much like whipped cream and not enough like Argentine crema. It might seem as though I’m biased, but it is simply a point of comparison; quite simply, Buenos Aires outdoes.

Please, if there is a country I should visit to eat sweet incredible baked goods, tell me now.

My Dad is insists on Germany. So, Berlin? I will be scheduling with you shortly.


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    • YUM. Ok. This is good because I was thinking about southern Spain. And I know a guy from Portugal, maybe I could ask his family to send me a small and scrumptious package?

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