Sleep Horizon (99)


The photo prompt from Madison Woods

The heat of sleep saturates me and throws my body into sweat. From dream to hallucination and back again, my fingers clutch these white surfaces, like layers of a grieving subconscious wrapping me more and more tightly. Like confusion. Like terror in waking.

I dream that everything has burned, that everything is gone, that my grandmother who never cries is crying. Heat rises on the horizon and we can only run. I dream of loss and I am afraid.

When I awake and return, the fever breaks, like so many waves.

And there is only a horizon to remember.

For more flashes prompted by this week’s photo, and to learn more about flash fiction, visit Madison Woods and explore.


24 responses »

  1. Dear Lime,

    When I started reading this I noted the tone was different than your usual blog posts and then I saw the photo prompt and understood immediately. Fever dream. The ending ‘And there is only a horizon to remember.’ captured the aftermath of pain perfectly. What an excellent way to start us off.



  2. Powerful. Poetic. Excellent!

    ‘like layers of a grieving subconscious wrapping me more and more tightly’ <~~~ Brilliant line!

  3. I really liked the imagery spurred by this simile: “…like layers of a grieving subconscious…”. Very passionate story, loved it.

  4. Dreams are very fascinating. And one tends to get bad dreams in sickness. Very good choice of words! It is very difficult describing dreams, you did a very good job.. 🙂

  5. Thank you so much to everyone! I know I was a late reader this week — but all of your pieces were so interesting and various. Thank you for sharing and reading and commenting. See you Friday 🙂

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