Planes, Trains and Automobiles… and Ferries (#2)


I spent 19 hours traveling yesterday. I think, but I’m not sure exactly which parts to count, or if I get to say from when I woke up to when I went to bed. If we count that way, it would be 22 hours that began at 5 am (3 am in the time zone where I eventually ended up) and included a ferry, two busses, two airplanes, another bus, a train, and the Bobby mobile driven by GT himself.

Friends I made:

1. the ferry man who wrote me a note in Greek that I could use with people who didn’t speak English to explain that I was going to the airport and to please help me arrive there

2. the lady at the airport who, when asked if she spoke English, replied “would I be working here if I didn’t?” (maybe we weren’t really friends, but I didn’t care because she did speak English)

3. Brad Pitt (I watched Moneyball on the first plane)

4. British Airways — who knew? They still serve food on all their flights

5. an extremely drunk older man who insisted on sitting next to me on bus number three and asking whether I thought his sixteen-year-old, water-skiing son would be able to go to the University of Louisiana (although his son went from sixteen to seventeen about halfway through the conversation, and his equally drunk friends kept telling him to leave me alone)

6. the older couple sitting behind me on bus number three who assured me that they would not have abandoned me had the man become inappropriate or ‘pawing’ (they were back from a weekend trip to London and when I explained my trip that day, the lady said I must just be ‘shattered’ and I felt happy because I love the use of the word ‘shattered’ by Scots)

7. a girl in front of me waiting for the ticket machine at the train station, who explained that everyone in Edinburgh was drunk because of the rugby game (England vs. Scotland – whoa)

8. a mum with her two daughters from Northern Ireland, going to drop off the elder at the second term of her second semester studying for a nursing degree at Dundee (they were darling and I gave them my email address)

9. GT — oh wait, he was already my friend (but I was so happy to see him at the train station that I feel it’s all renewed and doubled)

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