Flowers, Intimately


barred light

purple to brown

bud and bloom

take off

petal by four




before chain

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        • Oh! I see! They were taken in Greece — on Kea. Gorgeous, although I seem to have caught the coldest week ever. And I didn’t know what Halcyon Days were (just looked it up again; at first I came across something about chocolate, but now I’m looking at Wiki and I understand), but now I do know and I clearly did not find them. Haha.

          • ahhh Kea…. THE most beautiful island… it is so so so cold all over Greece. Under normal circumstances, we’d be right in the middle of gorgeous warm, clear weather. Fingers crossed that it’s just postponed, not been canceled for the year. Keep the photos coming 🙂

          • Hmm… my blog seems to not want to allow me to reply to your reply, so I’m going for it here.

            I’m glad I managed to catch a few sunny days before I had to go back to chilly Scotland — which has actually been very clear.

            Weather is funny. I’ll cross my fingers for postponed, too. And there will be more photos! Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

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