(Rules for) Living Life on the Lime (74)


A. Avoid drinking excessive quantities of coffee unless we have talked about it and there are legitimate and necessary reasons.

  1. Like if you just don’t function without that shake in your hand.
  2. Or if you are a character on the West Wing. (Then you can do whatever you want).

B. Meetings are a pretense for good catch-ups. Enjoy them.

C. Consider hanging prayer flags in your room.

  1. Or big sheets of colorful, shiny paper — the effect is similarly uplifting.

D. Learn how to draw animals on demand.

  1. This is useful if you are ever in a situation with a lot of children if you want them to like you.
  2. Sometimes adults like it, too.

A message from the Chickens Are Cool Corporation, promoting red feathers and pecking since 1982

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    • Haha, thanks Mollie! Just so you know… you can get all the Rules I’ve published here by going to the “gather, pick, sort” tab and selecting “The Rules” and you might have more than you ever imagined you could want.

      But I also promise to publish more about every ten posts — and especially since someone else is enjoying them 🙂

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