— is awesome?

So, um, as a result of my column in Emory’s student newspaper, the Wheel, I totally got flashed Friday night by some girls from the freshman dorm I wrote about.

Honestly, I understand; they were upset and really felt their point would be made best with bare skin.

Fortunately, it’s all a sign of productive, critical thought taking place.

Also, I recommend this as a strategy to cope with Valentine’s Day depression for all the singles out there: write something critical about people being encouraged to reveal themselves in public, and maybe they will reveal themselves to you. Loneliness stems from spending too much time with the fully-clothed.

This message is brought to you by Two Yellow Flowers, Pretty Even in the Dark

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  1. Although I sense some sarcasm here, it could be that it has come full circle and might be completely serious. Funny how politics is like that too. Some extreme liberals seem almost conservative. But of course I always like to read what you write even if I’m not precisely sure of what you mean:).

  2. They really couldn’t have missed the point any more if they thought you were anti-stripping in general :P, that much at least was very clear. Congrats on gaining celebrity status with just one article too!

    Any way, free boobs? Sounds hot 😀

  3. why are flashers usually very unattractive naked? It seems the most open minded people are about their bareness are the ones you don’t want to see?

    • There’s always one old, naked guy in swimming pool changing rooms, who doesn’t seem to actually do anything, but instead just strut about in the nip. He’ll walk to his locker, poke around for a bit, think about putting on some clothes, decide against it, take a biiiiig stretch so everything’s on display, then take a seat and slowly cross/uncross his legs until he decides it’s time to go home 😡

      • Whoa for seriously gross. I mean… I’ll be honest, the fresher flashing wasn’t exceptionally revealing or disgusting, so that’s good. But I am finding myself fairly grateful for women’s locker rooms after the image you just provided — ha!

    • Hahaha… that’s always the way with things unless you’ve pissed off some 18- and 19-year-old girls who have already participated in one round of stripping for their peers. So I guess I’m saying these were pretty cute girls. Although I was really trying not to look for fear of enraging them further.

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