(Rules for) Living Life on the Lime (25)


A) Don’t blame it on the haters; they’re just the haters.


C) Learning to do handstands is good because if you are ever upside down you will already know what it feels like and might even freak out less if it happens suddenly.

D) Make lists about what is awesome in your life.

  1. And also make lists of the unpleasant variety.
  2. And also make grocery lists
  3. And lists of titles for songs you intend to write in the future.
  4. And lists of things about which you could make lists.
  5. Then tell other people it’s a rule that they do the same.

E) Apply for a job that appears to be entirely uncharacteristic in relation to your personality and political beliefs. (It’s good to stretch).

F) Some people just deserve to be flipped off.

These Rules are brought to you by Some Cows in the Road, never there when you really need them


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