Imaginary Friend (100)


We ran down the driveway, slowing to a walk after the bike shed, where she began to tell me about tiny villages among the rocks along the riverbank.

“They’re real,” she said, not meaning the villages so much as the inhabitants.

Wouldn’t that be nice, I thought. She chatted away.

“I found a place further in, where a tree fell – the roots are all wrenched up and it’s beautiful underneath.”

I smiled and nodded because it was my job, because she had imagined me in the first place. But I was jealous, and I wished I could exist there alone.

This image was provided by Madison Woods as inspiration for the Friday Fictioneers

For more flashes prompted by this week’s photo, and to learn more about flash fiction, visit Madison Woods and explore.


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    • I was so that kid. It seemed like a natural way to take the story. But now I’m thinking I need to do a sequel to this…it just feels like a story worth delving into.

    • Thanks so much — I actually used the prompt for a writing exercise in dialogue and then ended up trimming that down to use for the 100 word post. It was a lot of back and forth!

  1. This is a beautiful piece but i must say i am at a loss in regards to the last part of the story which contain the main information…is there an imaginary companion but what about the first line of we ran the driveway? Nice work!

    • Hi Charles, the story is told from the perspective of the imaginary friend and it begins with the real person and the imaginary friend running down the driveway. Does that make sense? Thanks for reading!

  2. Great twist, Lime (twist of lime, oh I should be a comic!!!). No, seriously, I loved the twist and the mixture of love and frustration you managed to infuse into such a short piece.

  3. I agree with Doug that you’ve set the bar pretty high this time, Lime. That was a very unique and well-written take on that prompt. Loved it so much!

    • Thank you, Madison. It means a lot for you to say that. I’m thinking about making this into a much bigger piece. It just feels like there’s a really interesting set of stories to be told. So watch out for that 🙂

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