Drea says I’m a beast


And I think this should just be the purpose of Twitter — to have your friends say silly and uplifting things to you from halfway around the world. Life is just so much better that way.

She called me a beast because I tweeted that I was about to run 8.5 miles and I tried, but then I got lost and only managed 7.61, but according to Map My Run, I ran about a 7.52 (minutes per mile) pace the whole time, which makes me feel happy. Next long run will be the 8.5, though, and I will be even faster. Half marathon April 15. Yeah, baby.

In other news, I have two columns to write for this week and it seems like a lot, but I will post them promptly when they are published and you lovelies can click on the link and pretend to think I’m really smart and that will make it seem worth it.

Then I really need to read Vertigo by Sebald because apparently he is the writer I’m striving to be. Therefore, reading him could vastly improve my life. Or make it worse. Because there’s always a chance I’ll become profoundly depressed as a result of seeing that someone else has already done everything I’ve ever imagined doing.

Fortunately, I don’t think he has a blog.


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  1. I read The Rings of Saturn and totally loved it. Thanks for reminding me of him, will have to get Vertigo. And am of course looking forward to your columns.

    • Ahh! I’m totally going to read that, too — so excited.

      Columns should be up Friday; I actually wrote two different ones this week, so that was fun. And I’m a little worried they’re both kinda boring, so cross my fingers they don’t put everyone to sleep.

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