Icicles and a Mandolin


A tough exterior.
Nightmares beneath.
All sharp edges.

Words drip to paper faster
than I can imagine
faster than I can remember.

Mountains are quiet
with trees and real icicles –
deadly icicles
that elementary school teachers warned
would penetrate my skull,
if I stood below
or if I looked up.
There would be blood,
the other kids would scream.
I still am tasting ice
on my tongue, the cold
sliding down my throat.
I wonder
whether I really had a fever on Sunday.

A mandolin serenades
the dark,
my rumpled shirt.
I have been napping,
“you look so tired.”
I am tired.

And everything has melted.


10 responses »

  1. Dear Lime,

    Sometimes I will just say, ‘Nice poem’ for to say anything else will take away from the feelings your words place gently in my heart. Please bear with me and know that I don’t say anything lightly.

    And since I’m here and we’re talking, did you find your keys?

    Nice poem.



    • Well, thank you very much Doug. No keys yet, but I have one more place to check and then I may be footing the bill for a lock change (thank you, health and safety UK).

  2. Not fair mentioning mandolin in your initial post when I have to rush off to work. About those icicles stabbing you…well, it does happen. Years ago took care of a kid who was hit by a falling icicle. Ruptured his spleen. he did ok but lost his spleen. Off to coffee with my music friends than to work.

    • Oh man, Scott — I’m glad he did ok. I think you might be the first person who told me about the icicles, actually, and when I wrote this poem (which was actually quite awhile ago), I think you must have been on my mind because mandolins snuck in there — and who else would I think of in relation to mandolins??

  3. Love the way you have written this poem. The first two verses looking like haiku (my passion), but also the next part of this poem is great. Wonderful imagery.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Ah, thank you! I hadn’t thought of the first two looking like haiku, but I can see that — plus I’m a big haiku fan, too. So we’re on that train together. Thanks for visiting!

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