Why Yesterday Was Weird


Yesterday, after the muse struck, it took away all of my functional capacities as a human being.

I wrote my 800 words, tore myself away to go for a run, thinking that I had very little time before the voice festival which I thought began at 6 pm (I will just mention right now that it was scheduled to begin at 7 pm and it’s good I was confused because of what happened next). I left for my run with my ipod (trusty RadioLab playing) and my student i.d. card (because I was planning to print my ticket for the voice festival on my way home). My intention was to run for about twenty minutes because I’m doing a long run today and I was really sore. Yep.

Vaguely, my memory has imprinted the sensation of locking my door as I left. Later, it does not have imprinted the sensation of carrying my keys in my hand, which I usually do, as I ran. To many of you, it may be obvious what happened, but it is not obvious to me. I only know that my keys are very gone. Uncool.

So, all of this became apparent to me in the last three minutes of my run (I was listening to an episode of RadioLab on laughter… so… it makes sense that I was overly focused on that and how fast I was running and how awesome everything is in the world). I was convinced I must have left the keys in my door. It was easy to find one of the fifty people I live with, milling (thanks, Doug) about outside (ok, that’s not exactly what he was doing, but for the purposes of this story, whatever), and he let me inside my building. I then proceeded to go to my room, where my key was not in the lock, and I thought, oh I must not have locked my room!


The door is oh-so-locked. Now I think to myself, “that’s strange.” And I begin to look everywhere for my keys. They were not in the bathroom or on any of the two flights of stairs, or in the kitchen (where I didn’t actually go pre-run, but decided to check because I was really hungry and there was a green pepper there, which I ate like an apple out of desperation). Meanwhile, my brain is going “OH MY GOD!” because I really need to go to GT’s concert at what I think is 6 pm and I’m really sweaty and I smell like it.

Some other stuff happened, most of which was especially entertaining to Brian, who helped me as my very neighborly neighbor and we discovered that we could not find any warden on call for the time being. This is when I realized the ticket said 7 pm instead of 6 pm, and I felt much better because I knew Yas wouldn’t be waiting for me yet, and I had a half an hour to find somewhere to shower, and so Jenny lent me clothes and her shower and I went back to my building and ate a very brown banana and half a KitKat from my friend Felix who let me use his phone and the warden on call came and let me into my room. This was an incredibly positive development because I looked funny in Jenny’s pants, was starving and had no money and no cell phone.

I changed clothes, ate an apple and was only ten minutes late to meet Yas where she had saved us seats up in front at the Voice Festival. True story: I love acapella. Therefore despite my various issues, I was thrilled to be at the concert and one of the groups sang Somebody That I Used to Know, which caused me to lose it. Especially when Caroline hit the guitar line. It was ridiculously fabulous.

And then something really awkward happened. Blind Mirth was M.C.ing the events and when it came time to announce the winner (who goes to London and competes nationally), two dudes went to read out the name of the group at the same time. They said different names. And the louder one was wrong. So the crowd went nuts for the Alley Cats, thinking they had won, and the singing phenomes all stood up and started hugging each other, and the dude who had said the wrong name looked horrified — maybe like the embodiment of ‘crestfallen’ — and there was some commotion onstage, and then The Other Guys got up and started looking very pleased and hugging and the crowd went quiet and the Alley Cats sat back down.

It was awkward. And then The Other Guys did their encore performance and people couldn’t even decide whether to cheer.

So I drank some amaretto sours and stayed up too late. Now I would like everyone to look for my keys and cross fingers and toes for their discovery today.

I am listening to Somebody That I Used to Know on repeat like a lunatic.

Because I really like Somebody That I Used to Know. (Dylan, I blame you and the wolf pack for this).


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  1. You will definitely read what I write here….? Good, my dear Lime, because I found your keys! How they came to be in my arctic gear locker here on the summit is a question we can deal with later. Shall I mail them to you?

    Okay, I plead lack of oxygen, or summithead as we say up here. Good luck with the key hunt. i think you want to write ‘millin’ instead of ‘mulling’ but since you’re in Scotland amybe you do mean mulling. Just a thought.

    I’ll leave you to your search now.



    • I’ve rerun the route twice and checked with three of the places along it. No sign of them — although all three places had keys that had been turned in, just not mine. Ughhh

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