(Rules for) Living Life on the Lime (101)


A). Listen to a song on repeat until you can no longer imagine that your life was ever separate from it.

  1. If you can guess which song I’ve been doing this with recently, you get a prize. It’s a good prize.
  2. I think there are two songs that qualify.
  3. I will give two people the prize, so only guess one song.

B). Laugh when you say something stupid. Forget blushing; it’s not even cute anymore.

C). Avoid panic attacks.

D). While running, do not leave your keys in a zipperless open pocket.

E). Spinach is spectacular.

  1. arugula = rocket = scrumptious
  2. And steamed broccoli with melted cheese will change your life.

F). Most people do not intend to be cruel, so try to be patient and forgiving. It’s totally worth it.

  1. But don’t be a wimp. Stand up for yourself when necessary.
  2. I have no idea how to determine exactly what qualifies as necessity, but trust your gut unless you are prone to frequent confrontation.

G). Enjoy the coffee.

  1. (Insert appropriate alternative if you hate coffee).

Life is just chess. Practice the long game.


12 responses »

  1. I love these posts by you–and completely agree with every bullet listed here.

    I think you’re just as obsessed with Somebody That I Used To Know right now as I am. 😉 That’s my guess.

    • Aw, thanks future editor! You’re the bomb.

      Also, you totally won prize number one, which might have been the easier one, if only because I posted three links to it earlier this week. Haha. Ok. But I’ll have to tell you the prize when someone gets the other one because it’s just the same prize twice and surprises are fun.

      I could really do a list of like ten songs and then there would be more obscurity for heretherebespiders, but I think they might be impossible to guess.

      • So… no one else won, but that’s ok. My prize is this: you tell me what to write about for one post and I do it! (plus I’ll give a link to your blog explaining that you are actually the genius behind the prompt/idea/demand — however you frame it).

        Good prize? Yes? I hope?

  2. No guess for the song – I don’t know you well enough. I’ve been mad for weeks for a song that doesn’t deserve it, not really… but I hope it’s something rather obscure like old Tori Amos 🙂 Which song of hers? Ah, too hard. Depends on your mood… For the rest, I never blush, never had a panic attack, try like hell not to take rudeness personally, love my coffee, adore raw spinach, would die a horrible early death if I attempted to run at this point in my admittedly unhealthy life. I really enjoy the rules, too!

    • Well I do like Tori Amos! Although probably not well enough to have a favorite. What’s the song you’ve been mad for?? I like the idea that it doesn’t deserve it.

      I was obsessed with this one for awhile, and it’s more obscure, I would say: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lr6OUM2RMI

      And wonderful, I’m so glad you like the Rules and I’m so glad you like spinach and don’t have panic attacks. It’s good to know there are some people out there living like limes 🙂

    • Oh my gosh I’m so excited… it’s actually not Florence and the Machine, but if I were going to choose from the most recent album, I would say Shake It Out. No idea why, just really like it.

      So you might have to guess again. There is a hint in my explanations 1.0 page.

  3. Dear Lime,

    I’m guessing this song

    And agreeing with all the rest and wondering if you have found your keys or only homing in on a list of possible ways that they parted company with you.



    • It’s a good try, Doug, but no luck today.

      And unfortunately no key luck as of yet. I do have a replacement, though, and the lock will be changed soon enough. We should all cross our fingers that I find the original key beforehand, though, because I would really not like to pay to replace the lock.

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