Unending Torture of Editing and Procrastination


I just want to say that I have a literary essay due tomorrow and voice is really hard and ugh.

The worst thing is knowing that the tone has gone off, that the pitch is just a little wrong, that the rhythm or the pacing is messed up here, here, and here, and yet not knowing exactly how or why. It means fixing is tough and editing is nearly impossible. Of course, why is it that things are at this stage always exactly one day before? (Answer: Procrastinators united)!

Please, universe, let me write perfect first drafts. K great, thanks.

Liming out, rksf.


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  1. Good luck to you!

    When I was in college, I think I used to do the same thing. But I’d redraft and redraft all day. It was insane. But in the long-run, it teaches you an appreciation of time management.

    • Lol. Ok. WELL. Having an essay doesn’t mean much except that I did my all-nighter earlier in the week. I think English just calls out for all-nighters.

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