My Mother is Always Right


Sunday was Mother’s Days in the UK. In honor of that, I am announcing to the world once again that my mother is always right.

It’s like some bizarre truth without exceptions. Seriously — aren’t all rules supposed to be broken? At least every once in awhile?

Well, I am sick and it is because I didn’t get enough sleep for a whole week. I also went a little nuts over the weekend — variety of unpredictable emotions and, according to Aaron “disproportionate responses” — and that might be because I didn’t sleep for a whole week. Mom, I’m sorry. I know I should go to bed early and get up early and that there will be birds and things if I do. But here in Scotland seagulls make noises all the time from 3 am until 5 pm, or maybe later, and the sun is just confusing.

In any case, I will try to do better.

And I will try to skype you soon and you can tell me what to do next so that everything will turn out alright.


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