Being Sick, Wonderful Face



It is officially the worst to be sick.

However, there is also good news, which I am choosing to list because I am in no mood for writing anything extensive. Jotting might just get me there, though, and I should at least acknowledge all the excitement and hilarity of my recent/future life. In no particular order:

  1. Finland in two days with my ab-fab cousin who has assured me that we will be engaging in the Finnish Sauna experience, but that he will allow me and even encourage me to wear a bathing suit — though it is not the traditional way.
  2. My favorite (not favourite) group of boys came to town and witnessed what happens when I’m nervous with access to Guinness. Most importantly, however, we discovered a jazz bar in Edinburgh, and also that five to seven people can share any room.
  3. Running has been inhibited by visitors and illness. I’m getting back on the wagon today, though — or off the wagon? I don’t know how this metaphor works with running.
  4. It’s officially a St. Andrews spring break. This means that we have more time off, as usual, than anyone could possibly know what to do with. Me? I planned three weekend trips because I got overwhelmed by the prospects.
  5. Weekend trip #2 is back to London. It will be awesome.
  6. Weekend trip #3 is a Buddhist retreat. Killah.
  7. Things I must do now: sign up for the flattest half marathon route in the world. Buy a ticket to Delhi and a ticket to Barcelona. Convince a nice girl in Edinburgh to let me stay with her on a Sunday night in the near future. Go for a short, yet lively run.
  8. ON IT!

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