Run (So FAST) for Oxfam


Seriously, I’m going to run like weird fast. But only for a half marathon because I don’t believe in running anything over 13.1 miles. To make up for that, though, I’m also running a half marathon in 1.5 weeks to prepare. So, it’s like I’m running a whole one, but with a month and a half in between.

In any case, because I want good karma and I believe that Oxfam is a fantastic and worthy organization, I’m running to raise money for them.

As you may notice when you visit the donation page, I’m also taking wardrobe requests and other advisory tidbits. So feel free to leave me a note with your donation and I will do my best — within reason — to comply. (Example: I will be wearing a cape).

The exciting news: the Edinburgh Half Marathon is the flattest and therefore fastest half marathon in the world. So Imma race my face off.

That’s the news, peeps. Please support with a few pounds if you can. If you can’t, that’s cool too, just say really nice and encouraging things to me at various intervals and I will be happy.



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  1. Sounds like a terrific even ( Pictures?). I’ll have to just shout encouraging things from here…have to compute time zones….so people look at me funny as I burst of “Good job! Keep going!” – but it’s for a good cause! (OK, will zap extra energy bursts at the least.) Good luck!

    • There will certainly be pictures — at least one of the cape is a must. Fortunately I still have some time to train on the running front and you have some time to train for bursts of “Good job!” and “Keep going!” haha

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