“Today only,” she announced,
“a twenty per cent discount
is available.”
She had long hair dyed green
neon like a sign
and she stood announcing
on a street corner like any prostitute
with a sign hung round her neck.

“Today!” she announced.
“Enhance your mood!
Take off the edge!
Breathe easier,” she cried, “today.”

And then she smiled
straight white teeth
and hard lines of lipstick
cutting an image of the better world
she offered.

Slipping the sign off she held it high
so that the truck driver, idling at red
would see that he could get high
for a discounted price. He flashed
a crooked grin; she was flawless.

“We can make you happy,”
she announced
and she winked.
“Joy in your veins, joy in your belly,
we can keep you happy.
It’s available now, today only
for a twenty per cent discount.”

The truck driver turned
to a vacant lot on his left. He parked
and cut the engine.
He had seen the sign. He was tired;
he wanted to take the edge off.
She crossed the street
she took his money

and, folding the sign,
led him to a room where he could sit
above the skyline. There she shot him.

Three suits came for the body
and that was the truck driver
for a twenty per cent discount.

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Kelly Garriott Waite challenged me with “today only: twenty percent discount,” and I challenged Sir with “walking the tightrope.”


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    • Ha… right? Maybe that’s when a discount on death becomes slightly more reasonable. I’m looking forward to checking out your IndieInk response, too 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Did you do the IndieInk challenge too? Feel free to post your link here in the comments section if you did — sometimes you’ll get a few hits from it when people are interested in the prompts.

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