(Rules for) Living Life on the Lime (5.2)


A) Parsnips are good.

B) If you can get someone else to peel an orange for you, it is a good deal.

  1. Also, the person who does this willingly either likes you enough to tolerate the white stuff getting under fingernails or the person is odd enough not to find this bothersome.
  2. It’s important to try to figure out whether it’s tolerance or lack of bother.
  3. Still, it’s a free pass to friendship if you’ll peel my oranges without complaining.

C) I wish I could play the guitar.

  1. But not everyone who plays the guitar is awesome. So it’s not a free pass to friendship.

D) Be kind, rewind.

  1. Don’t you just miss VCRs?
  2. The Brave Little Toaster is an incredible movie.
  3. And Amelie.
  4. And Fight Club.
  5. And The Big Lebowski.
  6. I bet that this selection of movies says something deep and extraordinary about me.
  7. Lists of seven are good.



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