Going Down


Fall into dust
into dirt packed hard
turned stone.
Fall because life is hard
because crashing and burning
is better
than not crashing and burning.
Fall like a stone
dropped from a child’s hand
down a steep slope.

Fall and roll and slip down.

Fall from no height
so that landing is softer
and the wind
is only barely knocked
from your lungs.
Fall through air
through water
through fire.

Fall, if you must.

Fall, but do not forget
how to gather yourself together
how to retreat when you’re wrong
or forgive.
Fall, but do not crumble
or surrender.

Only fall
to rise again.


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  1. I really relate to what you’re saying. I have dysthemia (chronic low-level depression), and it can really affect my thought patterns. I have to watch out for that on a daily basis.

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